03 October 2013

Updates: Card Game Drawings

Hello everyone!!!

Realized that it had been quite a while I didn't upload anything on my blog...... Here's some updates on some of the drawing that I done for Japan company right after I started my own business. The job is still carry on so there will be more to come! Just need to wait till they release those characters :)

How about comics? yes...... It will be here soon! if you have attended some of those events that I gave my sharing, then you already knew it, yes, me and a few of my friends will group up and produce a comic book and launch it in Comic Fiesta 2013 in this coming up December!!!

Now, everything are in progress.

Will keep you guys posted if there's anything new :D

26 May 2013

Another One

Another old piece of work. If I'm not mistaken, this piece is considered as my very first animation-liked concept painting. I actually started it going through characters design, choosing composition from lots of sketches, colors thumbnails and so on...... it was the first time that I experienced so called a "proper preparation" of a painting. Learned a lot from that process :) 

Hope you guys enjoy this, thanks a lot for viewing anyway, and feel free to comment ya :) 

18 May 2013

More concepts~

Here's another set of works that I did for the previous training I mentioned. 

I design them based on some elements such as ancient Chinese stuffs, creatures such as dragons and rhinoceros, and etc..... For your information, the training's story was about further expand of the ending of Journey to the West.

Anyway, hope you guys like it! And please give any comments or suggestions if you have any! Thank you :) 

15 May 2013


Long time no post, recently I was busy with some card game stuff >.<

Anyway, I just found some stuffs which I did last time, about 2 years ago, if I'm not mistaken.

 It was a training on drawing concept arts, it was really tough, but it was fun! :) 

09 December 2012

Closing on 2012

An Interview in Comic King Issue # 151

Glad to be one of the winners for Imagine FX Rising Stars 2012

It was a busy year and now it finally came to the very last month of year 2012.
It had been a while for not posting up any new works, especially when most of my recent works were freelance jobs, such as illustrations, card games art and some concept and backgrounds for games. so I'm still waiting them to be released and I can share them here!

Anyway, I was really happy and glad to share this with you all! as a closing on 2012, I was really lucky enough to have the chance to show up in this two very very nice magazine, following by released date, 1st one: Comic King 漫画王(one of the most famous comic magazine in Malaysia) and the 2nd one! wow! Imagine FX issue 91 as one of the rising stars this year!!! (a very famous, and globalize digital art magazine published in UK by Future Publishing)

Hopefully I will have more chance and more opportunity to get this kind of credits again!

So for now, will get back to work and keep working harder and harder!!! :)

22 September 2012

Baroness (coloring)

Recent coloring work. Lines by Sheldon Goh, go visit his awesome works at here: http://sheldongoh.deviantart.com/

22 August 2012

Back to Penang: 1st Young Designers' Art Carnival

It's glad to join Penang very 1st Young Designers' Art Carnival at this weekend :)
It's in Penang 1st Avenue, main concourse, from Friday till Sunday(24 -26 August), 10am - 10pm.
Come and Join us! for more derails, just have a look on my facebook acc: Chang Lip Wei :)
See you guys there!

12 July 2012

Crossover on Gilamon Lefty Julian's Comic

"Major Zombie: Manhattan" Poster Illustration and Details

Outline of "Major Zombie: Manhattan"

Thumbnail Sketches

"Jimi Germ" Cover Illustration

"Jimi Germ" Cover Illustration Outline 

Rough sketch of the outline

Hi guys! Long time no post! above are some of my latest artwork~ It's really glad that I can have this opportunity to work with one of the very famous comic artist in Malaysia, Lefty Julian, which is from Gilamon. Beside having a crossover on his comic "Jimi Germ" and "Major Zombie", also thanks to him that two of this illustrations are going to appear in San Diego Comic-con! You may visit http://www.jimigerm.com/ and http://gilamon.blogspot.com/ for more details too :) 

Hope that can have more works like this in the future :)

27 May 2012

Latest Updates

a quick view of latest comic I did, a story about a tragedy in space...will upload the full version(8 pages) soon :) 
and a bit of the outline and sketches too. Thanks for viewing :)