12 July 2012

Crossover on Gilamon Lefty Julian's Comic

"Major Zombie: Manhattan" Poster Illustration and Details

Outline of "Major Zombie: Manhattan"

Thumbnail Sketches

"Jimi Germ" Cover Illustration

"Jimi Germ" Cover Illustration Outline 

Rough sketch of the outline

Hi guys! Long time no post! above are some of my latest artwork~ It's really glad that I can have this opportunity to work with one of the very famous comic artist in Malaysia, Lefty Julian, which is from Gilamon. Beside having a crossover on his comic "Jimi Germ" and "Major Zombie", also thanks to him that two of this illustrations are going to appear in San Diego Comic-con! You may visit http://www.jimigerm.com/ and http://gilamon.blogspot.com/ for more details too :) 

Hope that can have more works like this in the future :)

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