09 December 2012

Closing on 2012

An Interview in Comic King Issue # 151

Glad to be one of the winners for Imagine FX Rising Stars 2012

It was a busy year and now it finally came to the very last month of year 2012.
It had been a while for not posting up any new works, especially when most of my recent works were freelance jobs, such as illustrations, card games art and some concept and backgrounds for games. so I'm still waiting them to be released and I can share them here!

Anyway, I was really happy and glad to share this with you all! as a closing on 2012, I was really lucky enough to have the chance to show up in this two very very nice magazine, following by released date, 1st one: Comic King 漫画王(one of the most famous comic magazine in Malaysia) and the 2nd one! wow! Imagine FX issue 91 as one of the rising stars this year!!! (a very famous, and globalize digital art magazine published in UK by Future Publishing)

Hopefully I will have more chance and more opportunity to get this kind of credits again!

So for now, will get back to work and keep working harder and harder!!! :)

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  1. Congratulations, sir! You've set the bar high and been a great example.